Interactive, one-on-one sessions with individually designed programs that can include any combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching and weight management to achieve your desired fitness goals


Small groups working with a trainer to develop strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance.



Our Pilates mat class is designed to challenge the beginner and the most experienced Pilate’s student.  Mat classes are a great way to learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates method. Pilates is a full body-conditioning program composed of a series of approximately 500 designed movements performed on a mat and/or on a specific apparatus.  Pilates improves strength, flexibility, balance, control and muscular symmetry. The rhythmic exercises promote elongated and toned muscles, and are noted for developing abdomen, lower back and buttocks strength and to create a stronger body core.



Gentle Hatha Yoga 

This class focuses on building physical flexibility and strength to promote mental peace. We will explore classic Hatha yoga postures (asanas) combined with intentional breathing exercises (pranayama). Hatha yoga prioritizes integrity of movement, repetition, and accessibility. The class will include a series of traditional yoga postures like approachable inversions, hip openers, balances and twist, which all build the physical ease to allow a final-body relaxation (savasana). Beginners are welcome to join us for Hatha yoga practice.

Hatha Flow 

This class, with Hatha Yoga foundation, will incorporate the Vinyasa concept of “flow”.  We will move from posture to posture, using our breath to focus our thoughts on the present. The postures included seated, standing and inverted postures, sequenced to build heat and flexibility in the body. There will be challenging variations for experienced students, and more accessible postures for students searching for more gentleness in their practice. This will be a vigorous class, taught with music, that incorporates seasonal themes.

Vinyasa Flow 

This class will be sixty minutes in duration practicing and exploring various asanas. This practice focuses on the synchronization of breathe to movement and develops mental focus, flexibility and strength. In addition to asanas, time is spent on meditation and stillness. This class is welcome to all levels.



Barre class combines the original Barre workout with a modern understanding of human anatomy and movement, training your body in the safest and most optimal positions. Barre exercise can help create a more tone pelvic area, smoother muscle tone on the back of the thighs, and tighter and symmetrical abdominal region using inspired dance movements.   This class is small and form focused , lasting 50 minutes in duration.

           TRX CLASS


TRX Builds strength, balance, flexibility and burns fat using special equipment to partially suspend your bodyweight. Your core is actively engaged in every TRX movement. Adaptable to all fitness levels to improve strength, flexibility and stamina. Challenge yourself with this unique workout. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

           TABATA CLASS


A class designed to get your workout in within 30 minutes in duration. Tabata interval training helps you focus on working your hardest for 20 seconds of time followed by a 10 second rest period. This 30 minute class targets the same muscle group you are sure to get your cardiovascular system working while strengthening major muscle groups. The greatest benefit to Tabata interval training is calories burned long after your workout is done. This type of workout is for any fitness level and will be a healthy challenge for all.

           FitchFit BOOT CAMP 


This class is designed for efficient and maximal caloric burn in a short amount of time. FitchFit classes are taught to get you fit, to be healthier, challenge your fitness level, motivate your mind and make exercise fun to achieve your goals. FitchFit is a combination of strength, cardiovascular, muscle endurance, flexibility, agility, abdominal core movements and function dynamic movements. This class will incorporate all that is fitness to fit all your needs

           ZUMBA **COMING SOON!**
ZUMBA® fitness combines Latin & International music with traditional steps for a calorie-burning dance party!  By incorporating interval rhythm training and body resistance movement, Zumba is your "exercise in disguise" and will have you feeling amazing after each class!
           Open Gym (members only)



This will be time allocated to our members to allow them to use the facility to perform their workout.  This facility will be open to its members to allow them to participate their workout routine for the day. This time will be supervised to give the member proper guidance and supervision.  

Purchase of an annual or month-to-month membership allows you to participate in the following classes:


Pilates (1 hour)


Gentle Hatha Flow (1 hour)


Hatha Flow (1 hour)


barre (1 hour)


TRX (30 mins)


Tabata (30 mins)


FitchFit Boot Camp (1 hour)

Zumba (1 hour)

CORE DE FORCE (1 hour)


Open Gym (2hrs morning and evening)

Pricing Information


Membership Options:

*unlimited group classes included


Annual Membership



Month-to-Month Membership



Personal Training Options:

1   (1/2 hour) PT     $45

10 (1/2 hour) PT     $400

20 (1/2 hour) PT     $700

30 (1/2 hour) PT     $1000

1   (1 hour) PT       $70

10 (1 hour) PT       $650

20 (1 hour) PT       $1200

* group personal training also available


Group Classes:

One (1 hour) class walk-in rate $15.00

10 (1 hour package) rate $100.00


One (1/2 hour class) walk-in rate $10.00

10 (1/2 hour package) rate $70.00

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