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About Us

Our Story

Fitch Fitness Solutions is a private fitness studio encompassing signature 24/7 open gym, group training and specialized personal training for all individuals that are focused on their health and wellness.  We provide access to the most qualified staff to motivate, to guide and to help fulfill your goals towards a healthier you.  We believe that exercise should be a fun, positive experience and never hurt!  Enhancing your health and fitness is our main mission to you.

Fitch Fitness Solutions is a community leader and innovator in fitness guidance for all individuals that are focused on their health and wellness. We provide access to the most qualified staff possible by inviting participation in our effective training programs. Our efforts will be focused on helping individuals to understand, to motivate, to guide and to accomplish your ability to fulfill your goal toward a healthier lifestyle.

Our skilled and friendly professional trainers will carefully design a highly effective program to meet your fitness needs and wants around your personal history and limitations.


Our highly motivated trainers will also lead you through a group class that fits your fitness needs to achieve your results. Group classes are an excellent way to built a great relationship with the instructor and other class members to keep you motivated.


Enjoy a half hour, a full hour or a membership to a group classes to produce: produce improved appearance, overall strength, energy, mobility, balance, coordination, osteoporosis prevention, and increased resistance to injury.


Not only is our fitness studio in Orchard Park, we are a full service wellness center. This center also provides a chiropractic care, registered dietitian and massage therapeutic care. We are your one stop shop to meet all your heath and wellness needs.


Our Mission


Our facility's goal is to offer the best services.  Many bigger facilities are too big to give the service or attention to their members unless they pay extra in addition to their membership costs.  At FSS, you will not fall though the cracks.  Our membership base is limited to ensure proper guidance and motivation.  For example, it is like going to a smaller college to learn rather than a larger one because it may feel intimidating and impersonal. FFS's mission is to provide a solid foundation to educate, motivate and guide all individuals in all aspects of health, wellness and beyond. 

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